Frequently Asked Questions

Why Merchant at Altium Management?

The question you really want to ask is “What do I get out of it?”. That’s okay, it’s the question you’re supposed to be asking. The answer is “You get quite a lot, actually”.

How do I become a merchant?

Joining is easy. You apply online via our secure Merchant Application page or Click Here.

What is involved in submitting an application?

We have built a reputation for having a simple and merchant friendly application process. The first step of the application is completed online. The application paperwork is minimal. The process of applying and being approved for the merchant account is incredibly fast and simple.

How fast can my campaign start?

Sign up with us today and begin receiving residuals in as little as 3 weeks. Our agent program provides you the tools necessary to capture and retain your existing client portfolio….

How we will help you?

As a merchant, we will provide you technical support 24/7. Our merchant support team is available to help you with training, sales, marketing and other issues. Contact Support