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Risk Management

Our goal is to provide our clients with an impressive, yet secure service in the long run. With this, we work with utmost diligence to avert potential fraudulent merchants and customers at the onset, ensuring integrity of every transaction.

We implement a comprehensive risk management procedure for our clients, helping them be secured with their financial transactions online. Among the Risk Management services that we offer include:

  • SignatureSafe™ – preventing consumer fraud
  • User Authentication — we check personal data in compliance with the means allowed by law. Including drivers’ license, ID, and other public records against submitted information.
  • Age Verification – ascertaining that your customer is eligible for your services.
  • Merchant Risk Management – eliminating the processing of fraudulent payments
  • Data Security – protecting your users’ information and data.
    Check Verification– we make use of the trusted filtering services, with built-in routing functions to double-check negative check-writer records.
  • Bank Account Verification— we verify the ABA routing number, bank account, and account positive balance– all in real time.
  • Address Verification and Geo-Targeted Blocking— we can verify addresses and automatically block out those that you do not want to do business with.
    AML Cap– prevent transactions prohibited by the Anti-Money Laundering laws.