Products and Services

E-Check Processing

E-Check processing is the process of converting paper checks into digital check copies. These checks are electronically deposited in the bank, in replacement of the original, actual documents.
This process eliminates the need to make actual deposits at the bank making it easier and more efficient for the parties concerned.

We offer e-Check processing systems allowing merchants to create a digital check using the customer’s bank account information. This check is then verified, preventing fraudulent check transactions.
Payments made in our system goes through an array of filters, using various technologies to reduce fraud.

Check Verification and Risk Management

With our state-of-the-art technologies and tools, we offer check verification and risk management services in the following manner:

  • Check Verification– we make use of the trusted filtering services, with built-in routing functions to double-check negative check-writer records.
  • Bank Account Verification– we verify the ABA routing number, bank account, and account positive balance– all in real time.
  • Address Verification and Geo-Targeted Blocking– we can verify addresses and automatically block out those that you do not want to do business with.
  • AML Cap– prevent transactions prohibited by the Anti-Money Laundering laws.
  • User Authentication — we check personal data in compliance with the means allowed by law. Including drivers’ license, ID, and other public records against submitted information.

Check 21

Check 21 is a federal law that is designed to enable banks to handle checks electronically, which in turn, makes check processing faster and more efficient. Instead of physically moving original paper checks to be deposited to the bank that pays them, our virtual check 21 system enables you to process checks electronically using the clients account information, making funds available, usually within one business day. This process differs from ACH as there is no need to send payments thru an ACH broker or processor thus making funds more conveniently available in a shorter time frame.

  • Same-Day or Next-Day Fund Availability
  • Direct Merchant-to-Bank Relationship
  • Ability to process Money Orders and Cashier Checks
  • Seperate Processing Fee Debits
  • Automated Recurring Module
  • Account Validity Verification
  • Check Writing History Verification
  • Balance Verification
  • Return Reconciliation
  • Signature Embossment on Recurring Checks